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Zameen Cosmetics Mineral Make-up is manufactured from natural, finely ground minerals taken from the earth. They do not contain chemicals, dyes or preservatives found in traditional make-up. Zameen mineral make-up is made by sterilizing and pulverizing minerals into a fine powder and is then mixed with inorganic colourings to produce a variety of palettes. The term "inorganic" denotes a product that does not allow bacteria and microbes to live and breed in the make-up, thus preventing infection in the skin.

Sourced from nature and fused with science. Skin life sustaining minerals, the purest elements on earth, are essential to the Zameen Collection.

  • Price: $15.00

This eyeliner is an excellent product for smooth and easy lining. A colour rich creamy treatment formula.

  • Price: $19.00

Advanced formula offers colour saturation and shine in a weightless lipstick. Ultra shine finish adheres to lips.

  • Price: $22.00

Rich in Marine Filling Collagen Micro-Spheres, this volumizing lip gloss makes lips look smoother & fuller.

  • Price: $18.00

Mascara with built in protein complex for superior wear. Vitamins and silk proteins strengthen lashes.

  • Price: $22.00

An easy to use pure mineral foundation, that offers immediate results.

  • Price: $14.00

Pearlescent undertones infuse a hint of shimmer into the matte shadow for a glow effect.

  • Price: $14.00
  • Sale: $11.20

Clinically formulated for the most fragile area of the face, sweeping over eyelids without creasing or fading.

  • Price: $22.00
  • Sale: $17.60

More than a simple powder, Mineral Sheer Radiance provides treatment, protection and sheer coverage all-in-one.

  • Price: $22.00

Clinically engineered to be used as a foundation, sunscreen and a daily moisturizer.

  • Price: $24.00

An alternative to traditional foundation, Offers light reflective abilities of a multi mineral make up.

  • Price: $30.00

All the most important brushes wrapped up in a travel sized faux-leather case with inside mirror for easy use.

  • Price: $22.00

Designed for versatility, this bronzer livens up dull complexions with a soft luminosity.

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