I Tried It: Botox For Totally Clueless Beginners

After a decade as a skeptic, fashion and beauty director Carlene Higgins finally tries injections. But is she too late to the party?

Dec 8, 2015

In junior high school, my teacher, Mr. Mercy, a chocolate-skinned man with cowboy boots, glasses and a closet full of polyester suits, was awfully concerned about me. He noticed that I stared out the window a lot with a sombre look on my face. He sent me to the guidance counsellor, who told me I was giving off an attitude, and if I wasn’t careful I might have trouble making friends. He advised me to look in the mirror and observe the way my face might be read by other people. My eyes blinked. I don’t remember if I cried.

As a whole I didn’t feel sad or mad. What I saw in my reflection, though, were two downward-facing quarter-moon eyes that looked glum—all the time, I supposed, because that’s just how they’re shaped, like my mom’s and her mother’s before her. And a mouth that sat most comfortably when firmly closed. There wasn’t a name for it then, but I now know I had resting bitch face.

But this story isn’t really about RBF. It’s about how—bummer alert—frowny mouths and droopy eyelids only frown and droop further as we age. And it’s about finding my ultimate panacea: Botox.

I was first offered the Bo back in the early aughts, when I was a rookie beauty editor in my mid-twenties. But a couple of things held me back. First, Botox had only recently been approved by the FDA for smoothing wrinkles (though it had been legal for 20-plus years for medical uses, such as treating cerebral palsy and migraines). I wanted to wait it out to ensure it wasn’t going to result in three-headed babies down the road.

Second, I was wrongly under the impression that Botox was strictly for stunting deep valleys, which was never really my concern. Truth is, I’m only now realizing—because NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THEIR BOTOX—that this wonder drug can actually lift as much as it freezes. Turns out, I could have been looking a whole hell of a lot friendlier even before gravity set in

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